God's Way Christian Center

Ministries Offered by God’s Way Christian Center

  • Soup Kitchen: (Monday & Wednesday 5 – 6 pm; Tuesday & Thursday 12 – 1 pm)

    We provide food in an environment of care, love, support, and safety to those who come through our doors.

  • Clothing Closet: (Monday – Friday during hours of operation)

    We serve the entire family from newborn to adult. At no cost, families are able to come and shop our racks of clothing. Shoes and accesories are also available.

  • Homeless Shelter: (Must contact coordinators Please Call to Make Appt.)

    We equip homeless and low-income individuals (and families) to improve their lives and become self-supporting members of society. We provide emergency, transitional, and permanent affordable housing, Biblical counseling and life skills training as well as encouragement to get GED's, go to college, and learn a trade.

  • Bread Ministry: (Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday during hours of operation)

    May pick up a bread and a sweet.

  • Hygiene Ministry: (Hours of Operation)

    Toothpaste, face soap, deodorant, and shampoo are given out once. This is done once a month to those who need it. May apply every 4 months.

  • Food Pantry: (Hours of Operation)

    The food pantry responds to requests for emergency groceries on a once per month, per family basis. A box is prepared according to family size with grocery items. May apply once a month.

  • Computer Room: (Hours of Operation)

    We have 7 computers to work on homework or type resumes.

  • Prison Ministry: (Iowa State Prison hours of operation)

    We send monetary gifts twice a year to help on basic needs of some prisoners. We also visit the Jon Bennett wing, and some of the prison farms throughout the year.

  • One Day Stay

    We purchase a room for one night at Super 8 Motel. This is a one time option.

  • Bus Ticket

    A one way bus ticket will be purchased for the individual to make it to a safe destination. This is a one time option.

  • Transportation

    Trips to Iowa City Hospital are provided for those who need assistance getting there.

  • Utilities: (Hours of Operation)

    Will help when funding is available.

  • Counseling: (Appointments must be made)

    Will help counsel those who are looking for housing and job skills.

  • Jobs

    We provide part-time odd jobs for those who are going through a transition period.

  • Cars

    We have been blessed several times to give away a vehicle.

  • Bereavement

    We help out with funeral expenses (Services, food, etc.).

  • Back Door toward God (7pm every Friday)

    Back Door toward God is for people struggling with a variety of issues including drugs, alcohol, and depression. We use the Word of God to conquer these addiction(s). We didn't develop these issues overnight; however, with the help of God Almighty and the encouragement of our Back Door family we will overcome.

Hours of Operation

Monday & Wednesday:
2pm – 6pm

Tuesday & Thursday:
9am – 1pm

10am – 12pm

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